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Server administration and reservation panels have been released.

Servers have become available through the various forms, pages, and panels.

This page is where servers can be reserved. The process will send you an E-mail once completed with data such as Port, tShock auth code (used primarily to help identify the server), and further instructions.

Server data handling is located there.

A monthly subscription key, obtained here, can be purchased. The key will be sent by E-mail, and then be used in the form to activate it.

Monthly Subscription

Config Manage

Data Handling


Welcome, server hosting has begun. You may reserve a free server by using the form.

Server license keys can be purchased at [link]. As long as a subscription is active the server instance will remain active as well.

For other alternatives a 7 day host can be acquired (for no cost) to test the services.

Server News:

If you would like to test your connection (ping) to this location, find command prompt, or cmd, and type in 'ping '. This is a remote IP.

If you would like a number of slots, more than 8, and it's unavailable in the current listing, contact me.

Contact and Support,


Agreement and Contract details